Information About:

We have contracted with a local Kindergarten Teacher, a Social Worker, and a few other local child professionals to staff our Child Watch area.  
Child Watch is available during each session block as well as during the Opening Keynote.

Cost to attendees is $10/child/block and we’re taking advance reservations for spots when you register (or you can login add-on to your registration if you’re already registered.) There may be drop-in spots available, but be sure to reserve your spot online if you must have a particular time.

Available for ages 2+, our Child Watch staff will call you to come take care of any diaper changing needs or if a child is struggling.

We ask that you give your child snacks before they come to Child Watch as we will not be allowing snacks in the area. (for food allergy cross contamination reasons) Children can bring a sippy of water.  Please have the sippy clearly labeled. 

Drop-off opens 10 minutes before the session block starts, and pick-up is within 10 minutes of the session block ending.  Caregivers will be charged $5 a minute after the 10 minute pick-up window.

Click here to register for Child Watch